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Srutis, Jay
Soon to be Uni trash
Empress of the universe
I'm a sporadic decrepit piece of profanity that sustains itself on sleep, tobacco and alcohol.
I like mythology, games, drinking, sleeping, comics and making shit up.

I am some hardcore shit right here mate.
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Fair warning I enjoy lengthy convos or batshit ones
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2014 still watch Kim Possible. 

— 1 week ago

I came home, stinking of skunk and I was like FUCK. I really fucking stunk and I was like 14 so I was like fuckkkkk. I come home and my step-dad wondered where I was and I was like, ‘just chilling at a mates’, he asked to smell my breath and I was like FUCCCCKKK. And he smelt my breath and asked if I been eating breath mints. 

Like I really fucking stunk of it and if it was my mum I knew I’d get a solid slap as soon as I walked in. 

— 1 week ago with 1 note
#thing to share  #but seriously breath mints?  #the fuck  #he is a stupid prick though 

Making casual conversation with this girl and y’know getting to know her but then my mate comes up behind me and goes ‘I’ve only known you for a few hours but your the type of girl to have a sex dungeon and all kinds of kinky shit aren’t you?’ The girls eyes went so wide and she blushes muttering something and walks away, I’m like ‘THANKYOU, THANKYOU FOR PICKING THIS TIME TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS’ Like she was cherry red it was fucking adorable.  

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#apparently I give this vibe 

I once gave mouth to mouth to a tadpole to try and bring it back to life. 

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#lmao sharing is fun 

I got a lapdance of my aunts date.

I was sat in my armchair watching TV and on my laptop and then my aunt and her mates come in I was confused because I thought they were going out drinking and he date comes in and is like, ‘oh this is her!’ and I was like yes I am her. And she starts asking if her leather pants were sexy I was like. Whut? Then she started just making casual conversation, she was telling me about her daughter and that, and her work then she gives me a lapdance and I’m WOWOW. STOP. NO. YOUR NOT MY DATE. fuck I blushed like hell. i mean…I totes be on board but she was my aunts date thats super weird. 

My aunt was giving me evils all throughout. I looked at her for help. Like I felt so arkward so I just continued browsing on my laptop whilst she was giving me a lapdance and when she stopped I didn’t know how to react so I patted her head and said thankyou. And she laughed and then left me alone I was like wtf just transpired here? 

— 1 week ago
#i tell this story to everyone i meet 

I was painting a co-workers house (often go round for Sky and I’d get spoiled like shit off her and her wife) and I can’t remember what I was telling her about but she randomly interrupts and says, ‘your into like bondage and all that aren’t you? the proper dark stuff? aren’t you young lady?’ I was on a ladder and clung to it as I was pissing myself laughing. It was so random. 

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#I'm in a sharing mood  #im in a good mood as well 

When I had an Iphone, I rarely ever used it, my mum put me on contract and shit for it and I was like what? No why? I don’t really use phones. Why the fuck are you putting me on contract? So I literally used most of the credit sending rule 34 mass effect stuff to a mate. Lmao apparently I went over and my mum was like how?? and they sent her my history or some shit and I was crying laughing for days after because she wouldn’t look at me.

Wrex/Liara and futanari were my faves to send. 

— 1 week ago with 3 notes
What does Srutis dream off? 
Demon/monster babes.(Another messabout from ink doodle, wip)

What does Srutis dream off? 

Demon/monster babes.
(Another messabout from ink doodle, wip)

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Ink commissions and more! (●´∀`●) (5 slots)

Because I’ve got my card now for my scanner I can open up for ink commissions, wooo. Also pardon the poor examples atm.

First 2 commissions of each will get 20% off –will be used as example pieces for future commissions references. (does not apply to the digital paintings)


A3(mostly likely exceed that size) drawn characters done with high detailed traditional inkwork and digital colouring: £45-80/$74.66-$132.73 but may wary depending of the detail of character.
(First two will be: £36/64-$59.66/$106.06)

Example of detail that will be applied:

You will need to give me a reasonable ref, and detail on what you want done here. You will be sent a few initial sketches, when happy, I’ll create a final sketch, when happy with that I’ll begin inking. 



Coloured pencil sketch done via photoshop: £10/$16.59
(First two will be: £8/$13.26)

Example of pencil quality(done without scanner):

Example of sketch quality (taken without scanner):

Coloured ink doodles: £12/$19.91
(First two will be: £9.60/$15.91)


Will need a reference or detail given on what you want drawn. 



Digital character painting £20/$33.44(Exclusively monsters and furs)
(20% does not apply to this)


Will need a reference and detail on what you want done. 



Payment will be done via paypal


Want something specific? Contact me with details and we’ll discuss what you want done and agree on a settled price. I know a few have shown interest in some tattoo designs. Please feel free to inquire. 


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